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Investing in Ideas.
Driven by Innovation.
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3G Capital Investments (3G) is a family-run investment firm that focuses on early stage investments in young, innovative, and exciting startup companies. 3G enters into deals within the bigger markets with room for significant growth, as well as investing in companies with real potential for greatness and success. To date, 3G has invested, either as the lead investor or as a co-investor, in a number of portfolio companies varying in both industry and geographical location.
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3G has investments in a number of startup companies varying in both industry and geographical location.

Cross-Industry Investments

Global Investment Firm

At 3G, we prefer to expand our reach into as many industries as we can, as opposed to narrowing our scope in one specific field. The 3G team takes a lot of pride in its ability delve to into any type of business, and learn the ins and outs of its industry. The startups that make up our diverse portfolio represent the following sectors: FinTech, software, medical testing, online gaming, and various others.
Not only does 3G have a hand in many different industries, but our portfolio also spans across the globe. We’ve invested in companies operating in New York, California, Nevada, Colorado, Israel, London and Madrid. The way we see it, there is an endless ocean of possibility, and we aim to capitalize on this burgeoning field of startup investments. The more corners of the world 3G can reach, the better.
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The team at 3G has developed an ever-growing network of resources all around the world – whether it be the real estate sector, FinTech, or even the restaurant business – 3G knows the right people and takes pleasure in connecting these resources with our portfolio companies or fellow investors.
Along those same lines, 3G does not serve simply as an investor. Because of our significant experience in business, as well as our wide network of industry leaders, 3G is capable of providing young companies with guidance, consulting, expertise, and legal advice. 3G understands the importance of patience and forward-looking, so when we help our portfolio companies in various ways, we always keep in mind the idea of future growth potential.
What really differentiates us from the rest, however, is that 3G doesn’t just invest in companies, but also in good people. We at 3G are strong proponents of putting our faith in dedicated and inspiring people, not just into good ideas or potential earnings. In fact, we believe in this philosophy so much so much that we now consider several of the entrepreneurs with whom we’ve invested as a part of the family.


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Without even speaking the language, our grandparents came to this country in the late 1940’s and quickly established a small building company. Over several decades, the second generation eventually grew this business into a nationwide real estate management and development firm, known as Sarna Enterprises. Through nothing more than sheer grit, loyalty, and determination, this tiny building company was able to grow and expand into so much more. Now it’s the third generation’s turn (hence, ‘3G’).
After exploring the startup industry, and seeing the massive potential, Sarna Enterprises decided to get in the game and formed 3G Capital Investments. We are proud to say that we aspire to live and work by the ideals handed down to us. As it was with our grandparents, we are rooted by the tireless dedication to loyalty, diligence, and determination - and this is what will continue to bring 3G success in the startup investment industry.

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